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Recap: Gareth Emery & Dillon Francis @ Sutra – 4/19/12

Gareth Emery performed this past Thursday at Sutra, a popular nightclub in Newport Beach, CA. Gareth Emery is a British DJ that specializes in “Essentially trance, with lots of house and progressive influence”.

The opening act was Dillon Francis, a rising DJ in the EDM scene. Dillon Francis claims his music is “Moombahton, Luvstep, and Everything In-Between”. The fresh, speedy beats in his songs are quickly creating a buzz in the EDM world. Francis’s set was great overall; he  matched the atmosphere of the club perfectly and kept the crowd dancing. At the end of his set, he left the crowd wanting more, a rare feat for an opening act.

Dillon_francis from Chanel Hawkins on Vimeo.

When Gareth Emery started his set, the crowd went wild. His music is a mix of David Guetta, Kaskade and Tiesto; basically hard, progressive trance. The crowd’s energy was high until the very end. The lights looked amazing and matched his set perfectly.

Gareth_emery from Chanel Hawkins on Vimeo.

Sutra is a EDM hot spot in Orange County. The nightclub hosts many notable DJs throughout the year, from up-and-coming DJs to veterans that have been around since the early ’90s.

Sutra is a “relaxed” high-end night club; although the place looked prestigious, girls were in cocktail attire and most guys were wearing button-up collared shirts. Mostly men were in attendance.

The layout of the club was ideal. It is smaller than most clubs, but everything is central: upon entering the club, the dance floor and DJ stage is right in front of you, the bar and VIP tables surround the dance floor on both sides. Although the club was packed, the security kept movement fluid at the sidelines of the dance floor so it wasn’t impossible to move around.

All in all, a great experience. I cannot wait until the next time I see Gareth or Dillon, or go to Sutra!