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How To Discover New EDM Artists and Songs

When I was beginning to discover the EDM genre for myself, it seemed that many fans of EDM music knew so many DJs, songs, the best remixes of those songs by other DJs. I felt I would never reach their level of expertise. I kept thinking, how does one get to know all these DJs without having to do endless research?

Well, I found an app for that, and several other music programs that list who you’re listening to and provide the information you need to build your own taste. Basically all you need to do is listen, and these four programs do the research for you.

1. Pandora

Pandora helped me discover many DJs and artists when the genre was still new to me. What makes Pandora special is you start with one DJ name, or just a genre name like ‘Electro’ or ‘Dubstep’ and the program creates a ‘radio station’ based on similar artists and songs. Pandora also gives you an option to ‘like’ a song, which results in the song coming up more often, or skipping/’unliking’ a song which deletes it from the selection. As you apply these two options to more songs within one radio station, your own unique radio station forms. ¬†Click on the Pandora icon to discover this program, which is accessible as a mobile app or as an online radio station.

2. Spotify

Spotify allows you to choose what song you want to listen to from a wide range of artists from major and independent labels, similar to Rhapsody. Spotify can also connect with Facebook so you can see what your friends are listening to and get inspired by their cool music choices. However, Spotify is restricted to ten hours of music per month and each song only be repeated five times if you use the free account. It is also not available on mobile devices unless you pay $10 a month. Although Spotify may not replace other music programs you already use, it is a great way to get references from friends on what EDM music they may be listening to and share your own taste.

3. SoundCloud

If you would rather discover unsigned and up&coming DJs, or have been trying to make your own EDM music and want to share, SoundCloud is a good place to start. SoundCloud allows users to post their own created music to share with others on social media sites, and allows other users to leave ‘timed comments’ throughout the song to show what part they like or didn’t like. SoundCloud is a good place for people who just want to listen as well, as the program makes it easy to listen and share new music from DJs and other music artists.

4. Shazam

This is a popular app among iPhone users. If you hear a song you love while at a club or on the radio, you can turn on this app and it’ll listen to the song for about 10 seconds, then tell you the artist and song title. Once the song is read, Shazam saves it so you have a list of songs that you discovered and can explore later.

This is a very limited list compared to what’s out there, but these are the programs that I am familiar with. To look at a more extensive list, check out InspiredMag’s list of 20 other music programs.

Tell me: what program has worked for you? Do you recommend a better music program to discover the EDM genres?