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Recap: LED’s I Love This City San Diego

“I Love This City San Diego” brought the best of EDM to Chula Vista’s Cricket Wireless Amphitheater this past Sunday. Skrillex, 12th Planet, A-Trak and other notable DJs drew thousands of people to share one unforgettable experience.

At first I was skeptical about going to this music festival. I attended a prior event at the same venue and figured it would be too small for this type of event.

I held off buying tickets, but three days before the event I received a free ticket from my boyfriend knowing 12th Planet. Of course that meant I had to check this event out.

And I’m glad I did.

Here is Skrillex playing to the large crowd at the end of the night:

Despite my concerns, the venue ended up being perfect for this event. The music festival did draw a large crowd, but everyone was dispersed to three separate stages so there was no overcrowding and trampling. Also, each stage was spread out enough so the music did not overlap.

There were good vibes from the San Diego crowd. I met many friendly people that sported many different styles. It was like an EDM melting pot of sorts. There were no rowdy people, quite unbelievable for a 16+ event.

Here is 12th Planet:

All in all, I Love This City San Diego was a huge success! This was the first year LED threw this festival, and I doubt it will be the last.

For the fans that have started going out to see DJs or go to music festivals, know that the venue matters. I’m adamant on this because I have been to plenty of venues where the show was ruined because the place wasn’t organized or the place was too small or big, the staff was rude, etc.

Consider the promoter of the event. They are in charge of the organization of the event like the crowd control. It’s best when the crowd can flow from place to place without traffic jams. Stick with well-known promoters like Insomniac and LED Presents whom have the expertise to set up a guaranteed good time.

Look for these symbols: