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Get an EDM boost for your Workout Playlist

Summer officially ended but the party’s not stopping in the EDM World. Dillon FrancisDada Life and Boys Noize just announced their fall tours today. In order to prepare for this epic madness, and extensive dancing, I came up with some EDM playlists and ideas that’ll help keep you pumped at the gym. How else are you going to keep up on the dance floor?

At 3 o’clock in the morning, where will YOU be?

For each category I listed the artists that have many songs that work great for that category, specific songs that are super effective, and Pandora stations I listen to that usually have a good mix.

Warm up Routine

For a warm-up, I need some beats but nothing too fast yet. My best example would be LMFAO, most of their songs have a good rhythm to get your heart pumping. Think “Sexy and I Know It” and “Shots”.

Artists: LMFAO, Dada Life

Songs: “Heads Will Roll” (A-trak dub remix) by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “I’m in the House” and “The Pursuit of Happiness” (Steve Aoki Remix) by Kid Cudi, “Animal Rights” by Wolfgang Gartner and Deadmau5

Pandora stations: “Steve Aoki”, “Deadmau5”, “Bloody Beetroots”


Fast, bumping beats help me enjoy running on the treadmill. And I need the most help I can get. One of my favorite artists to run to is Wolfgang Gartner, his songs are fast-paced and I can play on shuffle without needing to constantly skip songs. He has many hit songs such as “Spacejunk” and “Illmerica”.

Artists: Wolfgang Gartner, Dillon Francis and most Jungle or Drum and Bass artists

Songs: “Bounce” by Wolfgang Gartner, “Grand Theft Ecstasy” by Feed Me, “Rage Valley” by Knife Party, “Through the Loop” by Pendulum, “Masta Blasta” by Dillon Francis

Pandora stations: “Wolfgang Gartner”, “Knife Party”, “Pendulum”, “Skrillex”, “Drum & Bass” (If you need super fast beats, try “Happy Hardcore” on Pandora)


Usually I work on muscles after cardio, so I like music that isn’t as fast or pumping but still keeps a steady rhythm so I stay motivated. I like to stick to trance or trance-y music.

Artists: Daft Punk, ATB, Kaskade

Songs: “I Remember” by Kaskade

Pandora stations: “Swedish House Mafia”, “ATB”, “Gareth Emery” (I don’t recommend the “Trance” station on Pandora, some songs that play are too slow for me)

Cool Down

For cool downs, or if I want a slower playlist for muscle workouts, I like listening to dubstep artists or slower beats.

Artists: Nero, Flux Pavilion, 12th Planet, Porter Robinson

Songs: “Got 2 Know” by Flux Pavilion, “We Can Make the World Stop” by The Glitch Mob, “Woo Boost” by Rusko

Pandora Stations: “Dubstep”, “The Glitch Mob”, “Subfocus”

Most of these suggestions are based on Pandora, a free music app available on smart phones. Not a fan of Pandora? Find out what app works for you (more extensive list of apps at bottom of linked page).

Have suggestions of your own? Add them to the comments below!