Welcome! My name is Chanel. I started this blog for a class I took at UC San Diego, but the topic was my choice; to observe the EDM scene in hopes to deepen my understanding of the music and the lifestyle.

I have been surrounded by EDM all my life but I started listening to it on my own about two years ago. Since then, I have been to many shows and raves in the Southern California region and I have become familiar with the many subgenres of EDM. I keep updated of the latest news from reading several blogs, constant research, and networking with many other EDM fans.

Although this is a fairly new interest of mine, I hope to share what I have learned and my experiences with you, a person who may be interested in this music and lifestyle.


  1. Hey!

    Warner Bros. artist Fabio is working with a new DJ console hooked up to Ableton, below is a video of him using it. Thought it might be something that might interest you guys?

    Let me know,


  2. Hello Channel,

    Will you be updating your site in the future?

    Smashing Beats is currently looking for a person that can write about EDM events. Feel free to check out our site:


    • Hello! Yes I am planning to update my site in the near future. I will be adding a post about Hard Summer in the next few days. I am very interested in writing about EDM events for you. Please let me know what I need to do to start. My email address is chanel.hawkins@gmail.com. Thank you for letting me know about this opportunity!


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