Recap: Hard Summer 2012 @ LA State Historic Park


Hard Summer is one of the largest summer massives in Southern California. Each year it is hosted in LA, and it is well known for always having a superb lineup. This year is my first year going, I was excited for Skrillex, Nero, Dillon Francis, 12th Planet, Bloody Beetroots, A-Trak and others.


This year, like most annual massives it seems, Hard decided to expand the fun into a two day event. Since most of the EDM artists were performing the second day, I only attended the last day.

Hard Summer was thrown at the LA State Historic Park. If you are familiar with LA, the park is located right off the 101. We parked like 6 blocks away at one of the assigned parking structures listed on the Hard website, so parking was easy and convenient. It only cost $6, too!

Not gonna lie, most of the early talent was not cutting it for me. Even A-Trak didn’t save it till the end of his set, where he showed off his incredible DJ skills. It made up for most of what I had to endure before 9:40pm.

That’s when we went to see 12th Planet, a rising hip-hop/dubstep DJ usually performing right before big acts like Skrillex and Datsik. He is amazing to see live. His mixture of dubstep, hip-hop and new hits cannot be beat in my opinion, it kept the crowd going wild till the end. Check him out below:

After we saw Nero. You may have heard of the sound incident during Nero’s set, where the music was skipping due to technical failures in the sound system. The sound wasn’t fixed for five whole minutes. Imagine that. It was like watching a train wreck.

It wasn’t Nero’s fault. But it’s a shame when a ridiculous accident happens to such a huge DJ. Anyway after we waited 30 minutes for Skrillex’s set to come on.

Skrillex’s set was amazing! I’m a huge fan of his live sets because he’ll add different remixes to familiar songs, and he has NONSTOP energy on stage which keeps the crowd wanting more.

I think I’m going to start a star system. Overall I would give this rave a 3.5/5. The headliners were amazing. There were water stands everywhere. I guess the downside was there wasn’t much to do between sets, I guess I became spoiled by Insomniac’s many light displays and attractions.


About chanel_theedmscene

Chanel is a recent graduate from UC San Diego with a B.A. in Communication and a huge passion for EDM music.

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