Why I care about EDM, and why you should.

From Nocturnal Wonderland 2010

Electronic Dance Music. Just another genre of music, right? Not in 2012. By now EDM has become a ubiquitous force of this generation, whether we like it or not. I’m certainly loving it, and here’s why:

I was first exposed to contemporary EDM in 2008, when I was a senior in high school. At first, I wasn’t into the “repetitive beats” and nonlyrical tracks, but I noticed more and more people were bumping their heads to this stuff as time went on.

I was more of an alternative rock fan at the time, but it wasn’t just the change in music taste that intrigued me about EDM’s influence. Fashion became more colorful and vibrant, people started to go to “raves” and “massives” instead of concerts and music festivals. As time went on, I felt like I was missing out on something.

I attended my first rave, Insomniac’s Audiotistic Festival, in 2010. This opened my eyes to a whole new experience. Everyone was dressed in crazy costumes, but not one person was restricted to a “clique” or rejecting someone for their looks or clothing style. There was acceptance, happiness, and a whole lot of dancing. It was an experience I would never forget.

Since then, I have become consumed with EDM; the music and it’s influence on contemporary culture. Much of the information I learned about EDM came from research, friends who are huge EDM fans since the ’90s, and from listening to various DJs through music programs, radio stations, etc.

If you are not already an EDM fan, I suggest to keep an open mind to the music genre and the scene it creates. Despite some controversy surrounding it, never have I experienced such acceptance from such a large fan community. And if you haven’t like the EDM music you’ve already heard, there are many subgenres to explore that may suit your interest. You never know till you try, right?

My objective for this blog is to take a look at the EDM scene and its massive influence on my generation in terms of music, fashion choice, and controversies. I also want to keep an open dialogue with other readers and EDM fans to encourage them to observe how this music has influenced this generation.

Here’s another story from someone who gained inspiration from EDM. He also teaches us that raves do not need to be about a specific thing and the experience should be enjoyed for just that – the experience.

Here’s a song from one of my favorite EDM artists at the moment: Pendulum. Enjoy!


About chanel_theedmscene

Chanel is a recent graduate from UC San Diego with a B.A. in Communication and a huge passion for EDM music.

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